27 Jul 2022
Digital visual management - Industry 4.0

The E-DOCBOARD touch screen allows you to be as close as possible to production to simplify processes.

This new touch screen with its Full HD resolution (1920×1080) and 10-point projected capacitive touch technology, the E-DOCBOARD provides an efficient and accurate touch response. The IPS technology panel guarantees high performance with exceptional color reproduction and wide viewing angles. This makes it a great choice for a wide range of interactive applications. Users can use an optional articulated stand that allows the monitor to adjust like a giant tablet. The glass and ultra-thin design create an eye-catching finish.

The E-DOCBOARD touch screen is the ideal solution for interactive use.

This technology uses a sensor with micro-thin voltage wires integrated into the glass that covers the monitor. The touch is detected thanks to the electrical characteristics of the sensor and therefore varies when the user’s finger is moved on the glass. Thanks to this protective glass, this technology has a long service life, and the touch function is not altered even in case of scratches. This allows an image with perfect performance and qualities and it also allows use with a finger, directly, (also latex gloves) and a magnetic pointer.

IPS technology displays are best known for their wide viewing angles and very accurate natural colors.

The E-DOCBOARD reduces eye strain.

As we know, staring at a screen for several hours a day, especially from a closer distance, results in eye strain. This effect is much stronger with a computer screen than with a TV. One of the factors responsible for this phenomenon is the blue light emitted by the screen. Thus, reducing the amount of blue light allows our eyes to feel less tired. Even working long hours with a computer screen. We achieved by adjusting the screen brightness and color temperature through a new feature called “Blue Light Reduction” and easily accessible via the monitor menu.

A multi-tasking touch screen that can be accessorized.

An adjustable swivel arm is available as an accessory to be fixed on a workstation. The E-DOCBOARD touch screen makes it possible to exploit the SESA HUB digital visual management software. It is a powerful, collaborative and intuitive software. SESA HUB allows you to view the DASHBOARD with indicators. It allows a global SQCDP display with ACTION PLAN, document management base, slideshow, training module…

The E-DOCBOARD, a product guarantee of quality SESA SYSTEMS

Our products are secure, reliable, compatible with all work environments, and simple to deploy. At SESA SYSTEMS, the hardware and software environment work in perfect synergy. This provides you with an experience that puts all the information you need at your disposal. And this, when you need it too. We have always designed our products to perform well in everyday life in the industry. They facilitate the work of employees and improve their productivity. This allows them to solve problems creatively and collaborate to achieve common goals. They are all designed in such a way as to work in perfect harmony. With E-STATION, the E-DOCBOARD, E-LEANBOARD, E-MEETING or E-ACTIVBOARD, your employees work efficiently and reinvent the future of their company.

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