The E-MEETING: a large 55 to 75 inch multi-touch digital screen

  • An easy-to-use interactive screen
  • The E-MEETING is a giant screen with the same features as a tablet
  • The main features include annotating diagrams, highlighting text, browsing the web and opening files
  • A PC can be connected to the touch screen: internal or external
  • The screen size makes it easy to collaborate visually
  • Multi-touch technology allows projection on several media at the same time
  • The 20 points of contact make the E-MEETING a quick and effective interactive screen
  • Use with a finger or stylus


The E-MEETING is an interactive digital screen to handle all types of document. Using a finger or stylus. For example, annotating documents, images or websites is child’s play using i.NOTES. A feature is used to record these notes and share them instantly. This Android touch screen is therefore a giant tablet. But it is able to open Microsoft Office or PDF files without needing a computer. It is possible to connect a computer to this touch screen in two different ways. The first is to connect a laptop directly to the screen to project the computer’s content. This connection uses HDMI ports on the giant screen. The second solution is to install a central unit inside the digital touch screen. This setup is an additional option.

The ideal interactive digital screen to rejuvenate your meetings

Like the name indicates, the E-MEETING is a tool designed to organise business meetings easily. This 55”, 65” or 75” touch screen allows everyone around the table to see the display. The presenter can scroll through slides, carry out brainstorming sessions or train their teams. The multi-touch screen uses V-Sense technology and 20 points of contact to drag or write easily and precisely.

A large colour palette is available to write with your finger, as well as a virtual keyboard. To delete these annotations, you just need to use the palm of your hand. There are several thicknesses for these two features to coordinate meetings successfully. Finally, Screen Mirroring is used to show the screen of a smartphone or tablet on the E-MEETING.

Track your production data in real-time

This digital screen can be connected to the SESAHUB software, offering a wide range of additional features: highlighting production performance indicators (SQCDP, OEE), commercial data, schedule management, a maintenance section with anomaly reporting, project management, etc. This giant connected screen is a real Digital Visual Management tool. Visual Management corresponds to displaying the performance indicator. The principle is simple, distributing information in real-time. What better than a digital screen to do this? As a result, a visual display will help with decision-making to implement an action plan. It is therefore possible to use the E-MEETING as a digital touch screen to track production data. This sets your company on the path to Industry 4.0.

The features of the E-MEETING connected screen

The E-MEETING offers the same capacities as an interactive wall-mounted board and accompanied with a video projector. However this connected screen takes up less space. It can fixed to the ground or on a roller-mounted stand to move it about easily. In addition, the LED-lit LCD screen ensures maximum visibility, even when the room is very bright. Finally, this Android™ 7.0 interactive screen has multiple built-in applications.

Where can I buy the E-MEETING?

You can order the interactive touch screen at our online store: www.sesa-systems.com/en

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