87 inch wall-mounted interactive whiteboard to rejuvenate meetings and training

  • Touch interactive whiteboard using a finger or stylus
  • Precise and reliable touch technology thanks to 6 simultaneous points of contact
  • Interaction possible between several screen users
  • The whiteboard has an enamel surface to write with a dry-wipe marker
  • Resistant whiteboard even for intensive use in a difficult setting
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  • tableau_blanc_int__ractif_tactile___e-activboard_710200_000007709_original_1


What is a fixed interactive whiteboard?

The E-ACTIVBOARD is a fixed interactive whiteboard. This means that it is a large connected whiteboard. It is possible to display a computer screen on this whiteboard. How? Using a video projector installed below the fixed interactive whiteboard. But the connection goes beyond that. The digital whiteboard is interactive as it has touch functionality. i.e. you can use your finger or a stylus to write, move a document, draw, save, etc. All of your computer’s features are available on a large touch screen, without needing a computer mouse.

The E-ACTIVBOARD: an interactive digital whiteboard for professionals

The SESA SYSTEMS interactive whiteboard has a wall fastening. Making the interactive whiteboard fixed. What makes it different from an interactive digital screen is that it can be moved about, like a flipchart. This 87” digital whiteboard has precise and reliable V-Sense touch technology. This allows several people to work on a board at the same time. The interactive whiteboard has an enamel steel surface. This means it is possible to write on it, annotate elements or draw on the board with a dry-wipe marker. All these features make the interactive whiteboard ideal for meetings, training or even in classrooms.

The Interactive Whiteboard, a Digital Visual Management tool

Digital Visual Management is a Visual Management principle but on connected screens and no longer just classic whiteboards. This Lean Management method is used to transfer information within the company in real-time. Use of an interactive whiteboard allows each department to enter its figures. The touch functionality offers this interactive and easy-to-use feature. This interactive whiteboard allows managers to track updated data and make decisions.
To summarise, the E-ACTIVBOARD can be used in several ways, but it remains a crucial digital tool for your company.

Where can I buy the E-ACTIVBOARD?

You can order the interactive touch screen at our online store: www.sesa-systems.com/en

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