SESAHUB, dashboard and indicator tracking software based on digital visual management

The SESAHUB digital management solution is used to manage your company using indicators. It is a dashboard connected to all company screens. SESAHUB works using an SQL server. As a result, this software is launched using a web address.

All the company’s technological and digital tools have access to the platform, like a touch screen tablet, interactive screen or smartphone. This offers employees the option to acquire or distribute data.

This real-time information sharing generates performance indicators. These can be viewed at a glance and improve company effectiveness as it becomes more responsive. SESAHUB is based on the principle of digital visual management.

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Mobility suited to all areas

Being mobile is a priority, particularly during a Gemba Walk. In order to make your Lean processes more effective, SESAHUB is compatible with all screens. i.e. the software works on telephone, tablet or computer.

You can collect information more easily wherever you are, in just a few clicks on your mobile phone.

Coordinate your meetings visually

The data collected and recorded in SESAHUB from a telephone can be accessed immediately by everyone. Your meetings will be based on updated and real-time data. You no longer need to enter information multiple times. Access figures, performance indicators, schedules, agendas in the same location. Everything is centralised to make your work easier.

Is the meeting over? Draft a summary directly on the platform to communicate with your employees on future actions.

The two versions of the business management software

SESAHUB Visual Management

Base module:
  • Dashboard with a main licence per site
Unique feature:
  • Used for classic business management
Additional modules:

SESAHUB Performance

Base module:
  • Board with a main licence per site
Unique feature:
  • Used for multi-site, multi-sector, multi-unit organisation
Additional modules:

The modules of the SESAHUB platform, a tool dedicated to industry 4.0

The benefits of SESAHUB, the Lean management solution

SESAHUB is a simple and intuitive dashboard. There is no installation as it is a web app. Only an IP address is required. The main purpose of thismanagement solutionis to eliminate unnecessary tasks during data input. This is used to improve and boost the performance of the company and employees.

Digital visual management offers real-time data to respond more quickly and optimise your action plans. In addition, as all data is saved on the servers, SESAHUB ensures complete traceability of action plans, but also performance indicators.

From a security point of view, SESAHUB requires an SQL server, either internally at your company or externally at our site. In order to support you with your digital transformation, we have made online help available to you. This includes video tutorials available from the management platform. Help is also available for server and SESAHUB solution setup.

What is digital visual management?

Smooth and simple communication within a company is critical. Information must be visible, legible and understandable by all. Digital visual management helps with the internal communication and distribution of data. The aim is simple: to improve company efficiency. How? Industry 4.0 tools help collect data from the field. Thanks to these information sources shared in real-time, it is easier to implement corrective actions. This communication method is based on the principles of Lean management.

The benefits of digital visual management  ➔

The services to set up the management solution

Like any software using a server, SESAHUB requires setup. The management solution can be installed by SESA SYSTEMS teams. We offer several solutions for this purpose.

  • – Half-day remote software setup
  • – Software setup/training day at your company in France
  • – Software setup/training day at our premises in Criquebeuf-Sur-Seine (27)

Following this platform installation day, you can use it from all your digital screens. We offer training days to allow you to use SESAHUB independently.

Using SESAHUB in an industry 4.0 environment