30 Jun 2020
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En route to Industry 4.0 with SESAHUB: an innovative industrial solution

Since 1990 SESA SYSTEMS has manufactured tools dedicated to the implementation of lean manufacturing and visual management at major industry manufacturers (Renault, Peugeot, Airbus, Safran, Toyota, etc.) for the France and export markets. For two years we have developed a range of products called “Industry 4.0” including display screens and interactive screens. To use and control these screens, we have developed application software allowing our customers to implement digital visual management. The industry 4.0 strategy is to provide a general solution which is up-and-running quickly, for rapid and successful adoption and implementation. Our 300 m2 ACADEMY is available to present this project to you in more detail.

Companies use SESA SYSTEMS worldwide

The business world is gradually adopting a new model encouraging the use of industry 4.0 tools. From deployment and setup of SESAHUB to management and coordination of devices, these essential principles simplify the adoption process. Employees choose devices with which they should work, they have access to defined choices within the range of products which can be managed by the IT department. They allow them to be more productive and to work as they intend. Get up and running quickly! SESA SYSTEMS offers schedule templates, action plans, indicators and various other pre-completed materials. You can also help employees to improve their skills with the rapid training module where they will find useful advice. SESA SYSTEMS offers a quality experience to your employees When you have approved its products at your company, the next stage will involve installing them and configuring them based on your rules in terms of IT based on a simple address.

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Custom environment and setup

Beyond the initial setup, employees can customise their devices and choose their company’s software which they need to complete the tasks. All SESA SYSTEMS devices are designed to be used instantly. They include a large number of features and intuitive applications. Plenty of assets to allow you to be more productive and effective than ever. For example, start entering production values on a touch screen tablet and finish on a PC. With SESAHUB, send out your presentations on an E-LEANBOARD, E-MEETING or E-ACTIVBOARD. You can complete or consult all important documents between all your devices thanks to SESAHUB.

Compatibility with your current systems

SESA SYSTEMS products work with the main infrastructure services like Microsoft Exchange for emails and calendars, and with wireless networks.

We work to offer you the best for your work

The SESAHUB software is powerful, collaborative and intuitive. Our products are secure, reliable, compatible with all working environments and simple to deploy. At SESA SYSTEMS, the hardware and software environment work in perfect synergy to offer a mobile experience which provides you with all the information you need, when you need it. SESAHUB helps employees to be creative and productive. Various modules are available depending on your needs and your activity. We have always designed SESA SYSTEMS products so they are as efficient as possible every day in industry. They make employees’ work easier and improve their productivity, help them to resolve problems creatively and to collaborate to achieve common objectives. They are also designed so they work in perfect harmony. With E-STATION, E-LEANBOARD, E-MEETING or on the E-ACTIVBOARD your employees can do their best and reinvent the future of their company.

CatalogIndustry 4.0

Download the industry 4.0 catalogue

Our catalogue presents all our products dedicated to industry 4.0. This includes touch screens, interactive boards, industrial software and andon systems. Each of the solutions is innovative and detailed. Download it now for free.