30 May 2024
Industry 4.0

Implementing a SMART INDUSTRY strategy in an SME

We took part in a conference at the Robomeetings SMART INDUSTRY business convention from 18 to 19 November 2020. This is a 100% digital event organised by the Saint-Quentin agglomeration and the teams from the economic development department.


Today, digital transformation is impacting all industrial companies. Indeed, these companies are investing in the digitalisation of their tools such as collaborative robots, connected objects, digitalised production systems, analytical data, augmented reality, etc. This phenomenon is called “Industry 4.0” in Germany, in France we speak of “The factory of the future” and in the United States of “Smart Manufacturing” or “Smart Industry“.

Industry 4.0 is considered as the fourth industrial revolution. Previously in industry, during the 20th century, Toyota succeeded in developing a new way of working that ended Taylorism. This philosophy, called Lean, is a production management that focuses on waste and its elimination. Lean is a corporate culture of lean manufacturing. This system has proven to be effective and has allowed companies to grow quickly and cheaply.

Industry 4.0 therefore offers similar performance gains based on similar tools. The difference is the use of connected tools. To help you develop, we have created several digital solutions such as MES software and dashboard software. In order to implement a good visual digital management, we recommend the installation of touch screens, interactive whiteboards or tablets for your operators.

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