18 Sep 2020
Digital screens - Lean management

How can you manage documents electronically in industry?

The operator, the adjuster, the technician or any other person on the shop floor need to use different documents when working. This helps them to complete their different tasks or missions. That is why, to facilitate access to these resources, SESA SYSTEMS has integrated a new module dedicated to document management in its new solution SESAHUB PERFORMANCE. This connected software can be directly accessed from the workstation.

What are the difficulties encountered by companies when managing paper documents?

Even now, many companies continue to print paper copies of documents for production employees like safety guidelines, self-check files, instruction files, start-up validation files, procedures, assembly guides, manufacturing orders or even production non-conformity files.

The main difficulty encountered by companies involves updating these documents. It’s a complicated and tedious task to update these documents: who does it, and when? This can cause lots of problems regarding quality of life at work for users (loss of time, frustration, irritation, etc.), and this can lead to serious incidents during production and quality problems for the end customer.

In terms of image, it can also have an impact when a customer is visiting their supplier. Presenting a document which is not updated in relation to their orders and products can significantly affect the customer’s opinion.

There is also the problem of archiving after having entered results or other information during the working day. The document must then be archived internally for traceability reasons. The same principle for document back-ups: who is responsible? But above all, for which platforms? Lost documents are also frequently reported by many companies.

What does the SESAHUB PERFORMANCE DOCUMENT module offer?

SESAHUB Performance is a digital solution and very easy-to-use tool. Using this software, the operator searches for and finds all the documents required for their task or knowledge base, directly at their workstation. These documents are simply uploaded to the digital solution from any company computer. They are then saved to the SESAHUB server which is installed on the company server.

The module offers the option to link each document to a tab to make it easier to find and consult: workstation, training, meetings, maintenance, project management, slideshow, continuous improvement, management. Each document can be positioned at all levels of the company, i.e. a document can be specific to a workstation, production line, sector or factory.

The user is able to indicate if a document is a unique template or a template which the operator will complete on a daily basis, like for a line start-up validation file. When a document is on the digital platform, several actions are possible: viewing a document, modifying it, copying it, deleting it or archiving it. Finally, the module is able to receive any type of format like Word, Excel, PDF, jpg, mp4, etc.

What are the benefits of electronic document management?

The primary benefit of using this type of software is the time saved to gain access to your documents. No more time wasted searching: the document is where it should be, when it should be. The operator only needs to log in to their profile on the company app to find all their documents in order to successfully carry out their tasks. This will ensure fewer problems amongst employees. Quickly and simply finding what we need automatically results in satisfaction and peace of mind.

In terms of updates, you just need to modify the document from the app module to guarantee information is shared in accordance with employee and customer expectations. Then, for archiving, there’s no need to scan or use an internal EDM system. All documents are available from the app, so there will be no more documents lost.

As part of an environmental initiative, the module helps with the company’s “paperless” approach. Compliance with standard documents already in place and which work, no need to change or modify your templates. Finally, the digital solution improves the company's technological showcase with regards to employees and also from the customer’s point of view.

Digital visual management helps with document management

As we just saw, the digital solution helps manage a company’s documents. This application fits perfectly with the Lean Management approach. Easily finding documents, standardising back-ups and archiving is a key part of the 5S method. The fact that documents are interconnected within the company is partially achievable due to technological development and industry 4.0.

To summarise, documents can be accessed from all connected screens, whether a tablet, meeting screen or an interactive whiteboard. As a result, it is easier to manage your actions through digital-based management.

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