10” industrial touch screen tablets: a solution to boost your teams’ productivity.

  • Boost team mobility in the field
  • The 10” screen is easy to use
  • Connected objects allow you to enter data in real-time
  • Makes an employee’s work easier by offering access to all the required information
  • The optional protective cover strengthens the tablet to protect it
  • The tablet can be fastened to the workstation or the employee’s belt
  • Simple integration of SESAHUB, the software dedicated to Digital Visual Management
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E-STATION is a 10.1” touch screen tablet dedicated to industrial environments. This Android tablet is intended to be linked to a production workstation or for use on the move. To make it easier to transport, a carrying strap can be used by the operator. This means the tablet will be protected but always to hand. Other stands are available, including for workstations for greater autonomy when using a touch screen tablet. The final objective is paperless production thanks to a screen used to access all useful information via industrial software.

The touch screen tablet in an industrial setting, set sail for industry 4.0

The touch screen tablet has become crucial in industry for various reasons. Firstly, all these industry 4.0 connected tools aim to provide data in real time. Having data at a given moment helps take the necessary measures to improve production where possible. This phenomenon is called Digital Visual Management. The touch screen tablet offers the option to enter data in real-time using software like SESAHUB or SESA MES. The E-STATION also provides access to all the tools which the operator requires. Production teams can work more effectively thanks to data accessible by all. In addition, as the tablet is a mobile mini-computer, travel is reduced. The inclusion of a touch screen tablet in an industrial setting is the first step towards the factory of the future.

Production monitoring in real-time for good Visual Management

For optimal production, all machines need to be in working order. A machine can work differently during the day. Using sensors, indicators, but also data updated regularly, it is possible to check production progress. All data is centralised and allows managers to make decisions rapidly. For example, if the machine stops producing, it is detected quickly using performance indicators and so corrective actions can be put in place.

Displaying rate, production progress per line or any other indicator should be displayed to guide employees. This is known as Visual Management. Associated with connected objects, this becomes Digital Visual Management.

Where can I buy the E-STATION?

You can order the interactive touch screen at our online store: www.sesa-systems.com/en

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  • Delivery in 5 days
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Who should use a touch screen tablet in a connected factory?

First and foremost, the tablet will make an operator’s work easier. How? They can find assembly guides, order forms and anomaly reports directly on their touch screen tablet. Also, this mobile digital tool helps with machine maintenance, called TPM. Instead of creating tickets on paper which is given to the machine manager, everything is digital. i.e. the operator will add an anomaly report to their tablet. This offers two benefits. Firstly, resolving the problem. Thanks to connectivity, time lost travelling will be reduced. The machine will be repaired more quickly and the operator can get back to work more quickly.

To summarise, the touch screen tablet on a production shop floor aids the line operator, maintenance, but also managers and shop floor managers to make decisions.