A 43 or 49” dynamic industrial screen dedicated to production management

  • Screen dedicated to Industry 4.0 and Digital Visual Management
  • Performance indicators circulated in real-time
  • Continually organise and inform your teams
  • Easy-to-read thanks to the large 4K UHD screen
  • Dynamic and easy-to-use communication tools
  • Connected screen which can be fastened to a wall or the floor
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The E-LEANBOARD is a connected screen to communicate effectively. This communication tool is dynamic. This means that it circulates information in real-time. Dynamic display screens are very useful for industry. They offer multiple benefits to track production, circulate information, communicate with teams, etc.

A dynamic display screen for good visual management

Visual Management is a vision-based method. It is part of Lean Management and is based on tools like whiteboards, flipcharts or display stands. The aim is simple: to allow managers to make decisions in the blink of an eye. How? By displaying relevant indicators. This system is widely used in Industry to track production. However technological development has helped move things forward. Now we can talk about Digital Visual Management. Why? Because communication materials are no longer just boards, but connected screens. These developments represent Industry 4.0, i.e. the fourth industrial revolution.

Information to be circulated on the E-LEANBOARD connected screen

The industrial dynamic screen is a real-time communication tool. But for it to be useful and powerful, relevant information must be shared. This type of screen circulates key production indicators, daily objectives, production volume, maintenance operations under way and in the future, safety guidelines, etc. Various information can be shown on the E-LEANBOARD – you just need to choose which. The software built-in to the dynamic screen will help you to build your data on production flows, logistics or maintenance.

What is the Magic dynamic display software?

These connected screens are based on a dynamic display. This system is used to display, create and plan. This industrial dynamic screen is therefore very useful to manage events and communication. To help you, the Magic dynamic display software is already built-in to the E-LEANBOARD screens. This helps create messages quickly and simply. Intuitive and visual, this software helps communication 4.0 in an industrial setting as it offers templates. You just need to enter data in a file which will automatically complete the selected template. It will also be displayed automatically on the screen.

The E-LEANBOARD, an industrial dynamic screen controlled remotely

The E-LEANBOARD digital screen can be connected in several ways Firstly, it has the Screen Mirroring function, i.e. it mirrors the screen of your smartphone or tablet. It can also be connected in a centralised manner via a WiFi server. Finally, it has HDMI and USB ports. All these remote connection options help control the production chain more easily, but also to communicate rapidly. These dynamic screens are sometimes used for meetings and business presentations. The E-LEANBOARD offers industrial communication templates, but not just that. Here are the five pre-existing communication channels: QCDM visual indicators (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly), LEAN projects, company operations, our customers and daily events (date, weather, RSS stream).

Where can I buy the E-LEANBOARD?

You can order the interactive touch screen at our online store: www.sesa-systems.com/en

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