30 May 2024
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How to organise and implement a 5S audit in a workshop with SESA AUDIT?

The organisation of an internal audit in the workshop allows the company to be part of a LEAN approach to continuous improvement. Especially thanks to the Kaizen method which is put forward. This process, which is often integrated into accounting and auditing, is in fact much wider. All departments of the company can benefit from it. In addition, many solutions make it possible to digitalise this process. It is then more easy and quicker to set up, as is the case with the SESA AUDIT application. We will see how to carry out a 5S audit using the application.

What is a 5S audit and how to prepare it?

The 5S audit is one of the internal audits that can be carried out quite simply. It originates from the 5S method. It is a practice of optimising working conditions and the working environment, and working time, by ensuring that this environment remains tidy, clean, and safe, and by introducing rigour. This method, which originated in Japan, aims to simplify the organisation and work of operators.

The requirement for a 5S audit is that there is a standard for the workstation organised according to this method. Ideally, this standard should be documented with photos and additional comments.

To implement this standard, the 5S method must be applied to the workplace. The first step is to get rid of everything that is not needed, anything that does not belong at the workstation. Then, each item is put away in the ideal place it should occupy in the workspace. This avoids wasting time looking for it. Next, the workstation and any tools and machines used are cleaned. At this point, the workstation is ready to be standardised. It is from this stage that pictures should be taken to define the standard.

Once the standard has been defined, the 5S audit ensures that the workstation still complies with the defined standard even several months later. Ideally, a regular audit should be carried out to maintain the habit of standardising the workstation.

How to carry out the 5S audit with SESA AUDIT?

Once the standard has been defined, it is necessary to check that it is being respected correctly over time. To do this, using SESA AUDIT, you choose to “Carry out an audit” according to the “5S Workshop” model. The item being audited is then specified, along with the name of the person being audited and the department.

Then the audit begins and the application proceeds with the questions and points to be checked according to the defined standard. The workstation must then be carefully observed to answer each question as accurately as possible. It is also possible to take pictures during the audit. This will highlight any non-conformities or points of concern that need to be corrected before the next audit. At the end of the audit, the report can be sent by e-mail. It is also archived to be able to compare the modifications during the next audit.

SESA AUDIT, the perfect application for monitoring compliance with standards.

The SESA AUDIT application is available on smartphone and tablet and is compatible with iOS and Android. It is a perfect tool to perform digitalised internal audits within your company. Beyond the 5S audit presented here, SESA AUDIT has different customisable forms that can be adapted to any type of audit. To find out more about the application and its possibilities, you can consult our page dedicated to the SESA AUDIT application.

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