30 May 2024
Digital visual management - Industry 4.0

What are the steps to set up a collaborative creativity room?

The creation of a collaborative creativity room is a real asset within a company, it allows a better cohesion between employees which brings motivation at work.

The first steps to take.

  • Survey the future users of the space to gather information about their needs.
  • Choose the right colours, the choice of colours can have an impact on the ability of the collaborators to create.
  • Use chairs and mobile boards. It is also ideal to put up modular workshop partition that allow employees to arrange the space as they wish.
  • Provide a “relaxation” area to allow employees to feel comfortable.
  • To boost creativity, it is important to provide physical elements such as books but also digital solutions.
  • All surfaces in this space must be functional, either with magnetic or adhesive surfaces that allow for brainstorming for example.
  • Equip yourself with digital tools such as interactive and removable screens like E-MEETING. What are the benefits?

-Ability to resume work in progress without problems

-Ability to send work in real time

-Possibility of remote creativity sessions if the hardware is connected to the same management software.

For a collaborative creativity room to be efficient, it must be accessible to everyone regardless of hierarchical level.

What tools should be used in a collaborative creativity room?

When setting up a creative space, it is important to choose the tools that will be used. With digitalisation, many of the “tools” used are tending to disappear, such as paperboard, which are being replaced by E-Paperboards, or removable boards, which are being replaced by interactive screens such as E-MEETING, which allow for collaborative work in both digital and face-to-face environments. These digital solutions make it possible to avoid waste as much as possible, to share data in real time…

Why set up an ideation room?

The work environment plays an important role in motivating employees and therefore in their productivity. An ideation room will therefore play an important role in the creation of ideas.

How to set up a collaborative creativity room?

A creativity room must be designed for collaboration, innovation must be at the centre of this environment.

To carry out this ideation room project, certain criteria must be respected:

  • The room should be comfortable, the employees should feel at ease.
  • The room should be bright, it is important to choose lights that are warm but also provide good stimulation.
  • The room should be lively.
  • The room should be pleasant, the design plays an important role in the creativity of the employees.

Use the design thinking method.

In order to optimise the creativity of employees, it is ideal to use the Design Thinking method.

What is Design Thinking?

It is a collective intelligence method that is focused on the user. It enables complex problems to be understood and solved in a collaborative way and action plans to be created.

The fundamental principles of Design Thinking:

  • Collaboration to Co-create to get new ideas and innovate.
  • Iteration to Test solutions to adapt and improve them, giving yourself the right to make mistakes.
  • Empathy to put the user at the centre to bring relevant solutions to them.

Why use the Design Thinking?

This method saves a considerable amount of time, as it allows us to reach a solution that meets the needs of the users more quickly.

Design Thinking allows for “test and learn” work, so employees can go backwards if they realise they have gone in the wrong direction, within this method the right to make mistakes is important.

This method makes it possible to detect innovation opportunities and to propose innovative solutions.

This method is therefore part of a continuous improvement process.

With the digitalisation of companies, more and more tools are being adapted into connected objects, which is why SESA SYSTEMS offers digital solutions that allow them to replace the everyday tools of the past. The Paperboard has been transformed into an E-Paperboard which allows a longer use because it is not limited by the number of pages for example. This solution makes it possible to share what has been done on the E-Paperboard during a meeting. It can also be used to broadcast thanks to its HDMI, USB connections…

In a creativity room, it is important to have modular tools. This allows a great deal of customisation. This is why we offer the E-MEETING which is an interactive screen on wheels and therefore removable which allows employees to conduct a brainstorming meeting for example or to be projected on a computer screen in order to carry out a briefing/debriefing wherever they wish.

This screen is connected to a company’s management software, which allows employees to view the company’s various indicators whenever they wish.

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