03 Jun 2024
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How to move from Visual Management to Digital Management?

Today, companies are increasingly turning to digital tools. They are becoming more and more connected, so we talk about industry 4.0.

What is Visual Management?

It is a type of management that belongs to the LEAN approach based on the principle that human beings tend to remember visual information better. On average, we can retain 30% of what we see as opposed to what we read (10%) and what we hear (20%).

This is why the apps we use nowadays increasingly use pictograms such as the magnifying glass which refers to the search.

The aim of Visual Management is to simplify the transmission of information between different individuals. This type of management allows for a better organisation of work within teams, thus optimising processes. Several communication techniques come into play when using this management technique.

What is Digital Visual Management?

It is therefore a digital extension of the physical Visual Management. To use this version of Visual Management, you need to have IT tools available. These can be connected screens to conduct meetings, for example, or simple display screens that provide information about production for employees or information about the company for visitors.

Why make a transition to Digital Visual Management?

Digitalisation allows companies to become more agile because collaboration between different employees and departments is made easier thanks to real-time information.

What are the benefits of Digital Visual Management?

The different steps:

  • Saves time because information is delivered more quickly.
  • The company is more transparent because it allows employees to access data more easily.
  • Collaboration is simplified and therefore improved.
  • Potential problems can be solved more quickly.
  • It makes employees more responsible.
  • Increase productivity because teams are not distracted by potential unnecessary information.
  • Information is more easily adaptable.

How to implement Digital Visual Management?

  • Define measurable, realistic, and time-bound objectives (SMART).
  • Define the performance indicators to be monitored and worked on; these KPIs must enable the teams to monitor the work daily.
  • Set up a dashboard; it is important to centralise the KPIs and the goals defined so that all employees can have access to them.
  • Set up meetings at the same frequency to take stock of the situation.

How to make a successful transition from physical to digital Visual Management?

The first step is to digitalise the company. Digitalisation is done first by investing in connected and interactive products. Investing in connected products is not enough!

To have access to information in real time, you need software that allows you to manage your company. First, you need a dashboard to conduct team meetings, for which SESA SYSTEMS offers you its indicator monitoring software SESAHUB , so that project management is more agile. This software is an addition to connected products such as the E-LEANBOARD, which facilitates production management, and the E-MEETING, which is an interactive touch screen that can be used to conduct meetings to assess the company’s progress, for example. There is also the E-ACTIVBOARD which replaces the classic Visual Management whiteboard.

SESAHUB also intervenes within the production, notably with the E-STATION which allows teams to be mobile while having access to the various KPIs and goals. SESAHUB is a software that can be displayed on all the screens in our range.

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