30 May 2024
Digital visual management - Industry 4.0

How to apply Digital Visual Management for the office?

The Digital Visual Management method is part of the LEAN approach. For example, the aim is to improve the company’s performance by optimising the employees’ workspaces. Digital Visual Management is a project that must be managed rigorously and carried out over the long run.

What is Digital Visual Management?

It is a combination of communication techniques based on the displaying of important information. The aim is to quickly visualise the relevant indicators of a department to manage the different activities efficiently. This management method helps to make quick decisions and improves internal communication.

Steps to implement Digital Visual Management:

  • Define measurable, realistic, and time-defined objectives (SMART).
  • Determine the performance indicators to be monitored and worked on, these KPIs must enable the teams to monitor the work daily.
  • Set up a dashboard; it is important to centralise the KPIs and the goals defined so that all employees can access them.
  • Set up regular meetings to take stock.

What tools should be used to make Digital Visual Management effective?

In order to communicate important information within a company, simple connected screens can be used.

In the offices of a company, the indicators visible thanks to Visual Management must be analysed. This is why interactive screens are required to conduct meetings. These include E-MEETING, which is used, for example, for short and effective analysis during weekly meetings or the E-ACTIVBOARD, which is used for more in-depth analysis and longer meetings.

To apply Digital Visual Management effectively, it is wise to have management software that allows the various screens to be connected to each other.

SESAHUB enables the real-time distribution of various digital indicators.

With the different features present in SESAHUB, your meetings are bound to be more dynamic and efficient, especially thanks to the touch screens that allow the modification and sending of documents in real time.

The best practices of Digital Visual Management.

In an ever-changing world where new technologies are becoming more and more important in our daily lives, but also in our professional and personal lives. In order to gain competitiveness, time management and non-value-added tasks are becoming a key success factor, especially in the industrial sector where more advanced technologies are making it possible to replace the old Visual Management Boards to make way for a digital management system, making it possible to save time and thus be more efficient.

This evolution of LEAN management as well as the digitalisation of work has a strong impact on managers and employees. Indeed, this digitalisation provides a lot of information daily. In this situation, Digital Visual Management will enable information to be gathered in a relevant way. This source of information makes it possible to make quick check-in with teams by presenting data in an immediate, readable, and concise way. For employees, it helps to clarify tasks, but also to simplify the various exchanges with colleagues and the management.

As mentioned above, key information must be visible, coherent, and clear, as well as accessible to all. The choice of information to be displayed is essential in order not to overwhelm teams with useless information. It is important to structure your digital indicators properly for good visual management. Therefore, it is important to select this information carefully to achieve the defined and desired goal. This is why we speak of key performance indicators (KPI). These indicators can, for example, focus on production monitoring, yield or Takt Time. The amount of information per panel should be limited to focus on the essentials and remain clear and concise.

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