E-PAPERBOARD A digital 55” wall mounted

  • Innovative product to bring your meetings into a new era!
  • Start, collaborate, present, note, delete, save and share your ideas.
  • This product is very easy to use.
  • Fluid and intuitive writing in real time, like the one on classic paper.
  • Full connectivity (HDMI, USB, Wifi, NFC) to broadcast, share and annotate all your documents.
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E-PAPERBOARD B digital 43” on base with Ø 100 mm wheels

  • Instantly transform any location into a meeting room.
  • Write or erase with your finger or the included pressure-sensitive stylus.
  • Very fluid rotation system with automatic portrait or landscape position locking.
  • Easily start a video conference with the built-in camera and microphone.


The E-PAPERBOARD B intuitive digital flip chart transforms any environment into a collaborative modern workplace which is easy to use thanks to its mobile touch screen. Create and display annotations easily on each screen or application that you use, even connected external devices.
– Liquid crystal display (LCD) with direct LED lighting
– Base on rollers Ø 100 mm
– Adjustable screen with automatic landscape or portrait position locking
– i3NOTES: easy note-taking with a whiteboard application
– Wirelessly share your content: Mac OS, iOS, Windows and Android compatible operating system
– Built-in browser
– Video conferencing with built-in camera and microphone
– Broadcast your E-PAPERBOARD screen on your other devices
– Write or erase with your finger or the included pressure-sensitive stylus.